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Automatic Outlook Express Setup

Because Microsoft Outlook Express is the most popular email application available, you can automatically configure Outlook Express from CPanel. This saves time in manually configuring your email application and avoids errors.

Note: This will only work if you have Microsoft Outlook installed on your machine and are running any version of Windows.

To automatically configure Outlook Express:

  1. Click on the Add / Remove accounts link in the Mail Menu area.

  2. Click on the Outlook (Express) AutoConfig link next to the required account.

  3. Read the message in the alert window and click on the OK button. You may need to repeat this step two or three times.

  4. Click on the Open this file from its current location radio button, and click on the OK button in the File Download window.

  5. Click on the Yes button in the Registry Editor window and repeat for the last window. Outlook Express has now been configured for this account. You need to repeat this process for as many accounts as you want to access through Outlook Express

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